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“Alex Estrin was structured, organized, well prepared, had superlative follow through, was knowledgeable, gave sage advice, knew how to work with diverse personalities, was available, respectful and smart. He was a team player, honest, forthright, and had excellent people skills. Wonderful to work with.”

– Business Seller, Los Angeles

No Upfront Fees

We don’t charge upfront fees to sell your business. We work on a commission basis.

Centralized Buyer Database

You’ll have access to over 12,000 buyers in our centralized buyer database.


Private Equity Groups

We are often approached and have built a database of qualified PEG’s that might be interested in buying your business.

Confidential Business Review (CBR)

We build our own CBR’s (aka Confidential Information Memorandum) tailored to your specific business. It provides a serious buyer all of the information they need to make a decision on whether to pursue the purchase of your business or not.

Strategic Buyer Search

In addition to our standard marketing process we take the time to search for and approach strategic buyers for your business.

Auction Process

Depending on the transaction, we run an auction process to generate competition and sense of urgency to get prospective buyers to move forward in a transaction and generate the best price and terms this process can generate.


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